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We hope you’ve enjoyed leasing your Acura vehicle! We want to continue to provide you with excellent service as you approach the end of your lease. We can help you through the entire lease end-of-term process.

This section provides an approximate time line and steps to follow for the three typical lease-end options:

  • Return your vehicle to Acura of Libertyville and lease a new one.
  • Return your leased vehicle to Acura of Libertyville.
  • Purchase your leased vehicle.

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Lease-End Process: Option 1

Six months before the end of your lease: This is the time to start researching new Acura models. A visit to our web site is a great start, and we will be happy to arrange for a test drive and discuss your lease-end plans further. As Acura has the highest resale value of any luxury brand, this can also be the time we can begin to explore ending your lease early, and leasing you a new vehicle for close to the same payment you are paying now with no early termination penalty.

Our Lease Manager, Tom Knollenberg ( or 847-932-5155) will contact you over the next five months to see if you have made any decisions yet regarding your next Acura: During this time of your lease term, we can arrange for a vehicle pre-inspection to help you evaluate any wear and use and related charges, if any. We will also arrange a free professional appraisal on your current leased vehicle to see if this is the right time to end your lease and get you into a New Acura.

Lease-End Process: Option 2

Return your leased vehicle to Acura of Libertyville

The steps during this process are the same as outlined above. Even if you choose not to lease a new Acura, we need your vehicle for our Pre-Owned Department and can help make ending your lease easy and hassle-free. As stated above, Acura has the highest resale value of any luxury brand, and we may want to buy your vehicle and pay off your lease with no early termination fees.

Lease-End Process: Option 3

Purchase your leased vehicle

Some people love their Acura so much that they want to buy it at lease end. Clients can either write a check for the balance, or finance the remaining balance on their vehicle as of lease-end. In some cases, we may be able to inspect your vehicle in the same manner as is completed for Acura Certified Pre-Owned vehicles so that you’re ready for the next stage in your ownership cycle. If you are interested in purchasing your leased vehicle and keeping it, contact Craig Floress, General Sales Manager at or 847-680-7333.


  • We may be able to accept your Acura (or Honda) vehicle leased through American Honda Finance Corporation, Acura Financial Services, or Honda Financial Services even if you did not originally lease from Acura of Libertyville.
  • Regardless of where you leased your current Acura, we will assist you with the Acura Loyalty Advantage Programs**.
  • We accept lease returns by appointment. Please contact Mike Hatch at or Tom Knollenberg at to arrange your lease return.
  • Lease Returns MUST be inspected by Honda or Acura Financial Services prior to bringing it to us for the lease return.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.