Determining Your Offer

We will buy any car

Other dealers and online vehicle estimates can often provide you with a value for your used car, but our customer-centric process takes into consideration you car’s specific condition and history. And while online websites that provide estimates are only able to provide a generalized range of values based on publically-available market data, we will actually purchase your car from you after it has been appraised and the condition has been verified.

How we determine your car’s value

Acura of Libertyville is an official Buying Center for AutoTrader’s Trade-In Marketplace. To get a guaranteed offer on your car instantly and online, simply navigate to our Trade-In Marketplace, enter your zip code, and begin the process of entering complete and accurate information about the vehicle you wish to sell. After you have submitted all the relevant information, you will be provided with an instant offer. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Trade-In Marketplace, enter all information requested
    • Some tips:
    • Have your vehicles 17-digit VIN (located at the lower right corner of your windshield as you are looking in from the outside -or-found on your registration paperwork.
    • Have your exact mileage available. Miles tend to add up quick and are a significant determinant of vehicle value. Make sure you enter correct, current mileage. We can only guarantee values within 200 odometer miles of what is entered at time of appraisal.
    • Be prepared to document service history and accident history in the online appraisal form. In the information age, used car buyers put a high emphasis on evaluating this information before buying a car.
    • Describe condition elements carefully. It is very unusually to see a car even a few years old that hasn’t sustained a few dings, dents, or scratches along the way. It is important to describe condition elements accurately to get to the correct valuation of your vehicle.
  • Acura of Libertyville will receive your information. After submitting your information, the details of your vehicle and your contact information will be forwarded to us along with the value provided.
  • Visit Acura of Libertyville to confirm your value. Once we receive the information, the final step in confirming your offer is a physical inspection to confirm all condition elements and reported history. To get your offer confirmed, simply bring it to Acura of Libertyville-no appointment necessary. Your car will be inspected to confirm the information contained in your condition report, and in most cases the confirmation process can be completed within 20-30 minutes of your arrival. If adjustments need to be made to the offer, we have a fair and transparent process of adjusting the value and explaining the rationale to you.

Our inspection and confirmation process

Our car appraisers pay close attention to all elements of your vehicle to ensure that you receive a fair, honest offer. The confirmation process includes a physical inspection of your car. During this confirmation process, our appraisers will review:

  • The year, make, model and trim level of your car
  • Current mileage on the vehicle
  • Interior and Exterior condition
  • Any aftermarket modifications that exist
  • Test drive to evaluate mechanical fitness
  • Your car’s CARFAX Vehicle History Report for possible flood damage, frame damage, or accident history

Using multiple data sources, our appraisers compare your car against current and accurate market sales date, auction information, and national sales trends.

Once your offer has been confirmed, we will purchase your vehicle. Our FAQ section can help answer questions you might have about our process.

Why consider Acura of Libertyville for an appraisal?

We buy cars from consumers, other dealerships, and auctions on a daily basis, and our appraisal process is transparent including a guaranteed Instant Trade-In Offer-before you ever set foot on our premises. You can bring your car in with or without completing the online process, and no appointment is necessary. To ensure we can be efficient with your time, take a moment and review what you need to bring along in order to sell your vehicle to Acura of Libertyville.

Selling your car to Acura of Libertyville vs. Selling your car somewhere else…

Acura of Libertyville backs every appraisal with a written offer the same day it’s appraised

Online estimators only provide a range of value guidelines with no “Print Check” button…and most dealers will only buy certain cars

Acura of Libertyville’s appraisers physically examine your particular vehicle and its unique characteristics in a transparent process

Many online estimators will only use broad market data to provide you with an estimate that doesn’t take into account the true value of your vehicle

Acura of Libertyville appraisals are free, and there are no fees to buy your car*

Selling your car on your own will cost you time and money through costs of ownership, advertising, insurance, and time spent showing the vehicle and answering calls

*Fees may apply if you do not possess a clear title to your car.

Acura of Libertyville will buy your car the day you visit for your offer confirmation

Selling to a private party can take weeks, and you could be dealing with untrustworthy people

With Acura of Libertyville, you don’t have to worry about post-sale hassles such as title issues or a buyer obtaining a financing

Selling to a private party can add stress and hassles even after the transaction is complete

Acura of Libertyville will buy your car, and won’t try to sell you one of ours…unless you want us to!

Other dealerships may adjust the value of your car based on which car of theirs you’re considering purchasing, and will usually only accept your car as a trade-in if you’re buying a car from them

Acura of Libertyville believes in a clean, transparent process where value rationale and condition- and history-based adjustments are carefully and thoughtfully explained as your car is being inspected

Other dealerships and used car MegaStores may play games and not tell you how they create their offer

Take advantage of Tax-Savings!

If you would like to purchase a vehicle from Acura of Libertyville at the same time you are selling you car to us, you could reduce your overall tax costs!

Certain situations or conditions may disqualify you from receiving a tax reduction. Check with your tax professional and your Acura of Libertyville Sales Representative for further details.